Marketing Services

If it’s digital, consider it handled.

Get found (and faster than your competitors)

Google is constantly tinkering with its search algorithms. Pay-per-click budgets keep expanding. How do small businesses stand a chance? We’ll devise a strategy to get you visible to the people who want your products and services. The prescription may include: site optimization, search engine marketing, or more likely a mix of both.

We can set it up for you and let you run with it, or we can tackle everything. You decide.

Make your business look and sound incredible

“I like everything you say and the way you say it,” remarked one client. We’ll help you sound smarter (and taller). Copywriting is an important part of marketing. Not only do businesses need to clearly and concisely convey their message, but words and phrases are also play a key role in search engine optimization (keyword density, fresh content, blogging).

Need an update to your website or something new altogether? We can do that too. We speak WordPress, CSS, Adobe, and html.

The more the merrier–let’s bring people to you

You need pull and push strategies. You want to be found when people need your services, but you also need to remind them that you’re there and that you’re amazing. Email marketing and social media marketing are great cost-effective ways to send your message out to the people you most want to reach.

Track your progress and keep the momentum rolling

Marketing isn’t about throwing something into the ether to see if it will stick. Analytics let us know why something flourished and how we can keep up the good work. Where is your traffic coming from? What do all of those social metrics mean? Which keywords are converting? That’s valuable knowledge and we’ll help you acquire it.